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CNC axis synchronizer

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Axis synchronizer for CNC controlled machine. Serves for synchronization of an axis on which 2 drives are installed for movement along the axis.

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Axis synchronizer for a version 1.2 CNC machine. Serves for synchronization of an axis on which 2 drives are installed for movement along the axis. (Drivers not included!)

This board can be used without synchronization as a driver expander to save pins on the main machine control board!

The synchronizer comes with an unlocked ATMEGA168 microcontroller, which you can reprogram to suit your needs if the basic firmware does not suit you for some reason.

You can always download the original firmware from our forum!

See board documentation on our forum!

For a discussion of this module, see this group

  • Synchronizer operates from 12 to 24 volts, separate power input for built-in drivers.
  • Motors can be connected both through built-in drivers and external, more powerful ones, the board has outputs for 2 external drivers.
  • The input and output signals of the end sensors are decoupled from each other by an optical transistor pair.
  • The controller supports built-in drivers operating on the SPI bus, such as, for example, TMC2130, for this an SPI connector and 2 signal CS pins are brought out. The driver type is switched by jumpers.
  • The synchronizer can switch 3 signals from the CNC controller, such as STEP, DIR, ENABLED.
  • This controller works with limit sensors with a positive signal and a ground fault.
  • The board is able to provide a signal for triggering the end sensor as a positive signal and a short to ground.
  • The signal type can be selected with jumpers, normally closed or normally open.
  • The limit switches are powered by a separate regulated 24 volt power supply.
  • There is a double synchronization mode when the alignment algorithm consists of 2 approaches to the sensors (this function is performed by the machine controller). First step: quickly find the home zone, second step: slowly approach the end sensors for more accurate positioning.

Package contents:

  1. Synchronizer board
  2. Instructions for connection and use
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